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The Gevril name in watchmaking, dating back to the 1750’s, was acquired by Samuel Friedman in 2001, and he has brought the brand back into the mainstream of Swiss Watch production. has obtained a large shipment of Gevril’s finest watches and is proud to offer them for sale to its customers.

Jacques Gevril was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1721. In 1743, he created his first chronometer; in 1744, his first repetition dial and in 1758, he was one of the first Swiss exporters, specifically to the king of Spain. The history of the family of Gevril goes back to the 1500s and there were several watchmakers in the family.

Friedmann explains. "We found a watch in a museum in Geneva from Daniel Gevril and as a result we saw that the dial we are using today is very similar to that watch. I didn't want to go away from the old style dials, even when I made the new collections. I wanted to make sure that the new watches have something in common with past watches. I want to go closer to the past, because I feel that this will be our success, using today's technology with the core being from the historical foundation."

Friedmann introduced Gevril at probably the worst possible time, just before September 11, 2001, but he persevered through the tough retail markets and today Gevril watches are prized among watch connoisseurs.

 Gevril's products, made in the brand's factory in Tramelan, Switzerland, are an interesting mix of old and new. The designs have a taste of tradition and what has come before, but there are new twists and special design elements that really distinguish the brand. In addition, the attention to detail and focus on quality is immediately apparent.

"The Avenue of Americas is really the product that makes us stand out," Friedmann says. "It's a case design from the 1920s that we found in some old books in a small factory in Switzerland. We use a round mechanical movement and we added an innovation in the pushers - the pushers are straight not round. We used a beveled dial with raised numbers, then we hand paint the numbers. If you bevel a dial and you apply the numbers, after two or three years the numbers might fall off.

"We use a new mechanism with the day /date/moon - it has four different pushers to change the moon and the date," he adds. "The sapphire crystal on the front and back is beveled. We were careful about the way the watch lays on the wrist, because the most important detail is when the consumer wears the watch. I care that the customer is proud to wear Gevril."

The newest watch for Gevril is the Serenade, a dual time zone watch that features a patented movement with a 23 carat gold rotor, and a very interesting way of indicating night or day in the different time zones. The watch has two time zone windows that gracefully change from white for day to black for night, allowing the wearer to keep track of days and nights in two time zones without effort. The Serenade is available in 18 carat rose gold, 18 carat white gold or platinum.

"We call it the Serenade because it takes twenty or thirty minutes to change over from day to night, much the same way that the sun goes down and the night comes up," Friedmann explains. "The watch brings together day and night. We feel very proud of this watch, which is limited to 50 pieces worldwide." has a fine selection of Gevrils, including the flagship Serenade in Rose Gold, as well as a variety of Avenue of the Americas models with varying levels of complications, including Chronograph, Dual Time and Moon Phase variations.

Gevrils compare very favorably in look and function to other better known brands like Roger Dubuis, and offer the owner the opportunity to wear a spectacularly fine watch at a fraction of the cost of other watches of similar quality.

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