Class Watches

ClassWatches, owned by Mauricio Pier, is one of the largest and most successful Secondary Watch sellers in the USA.

Mauricio is a  Design Engineer by training, and he earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Aided Design from UCLA. He has always been involved in businesses that were focused on engineering and design, initially working with Office Furniture design, where he was a leading member of the team that designed the famous Aeron Chair, and later in his own business in the restoration of classic cars.

Mauricio has been a collector of fine timepieces literally since he was a young teenager, when he purchased his first fine watch, an Omega Flightmaster. This hobby grew and over the decades he bought several hundred collector watches, focusing on rare and interesting pieces, and improving his collection over the years by trading with other collectors. He was an early adopter of trading on eBay and has been active on the site since 2001.

Mauricio travels extensively all over the world and has met many other collectors with his passion for watches, as well as developing friendships and professional relationships with most of the major Swiss and European watchmakers. He attends the major watch shows in Europe, Asia and the US and stays current with what is going in in the world of fine watches

By the late 2000’s  his collection had grown to a size where he could no longer appreciate all of his watches and he decided to curate the collection, by selling many of his watches and exchanging them for less, but more significant watches. This spawned the creation of Class Watches, based in Los Angeles.

He has a full-time, expert watchmaker in ClassWatches and can ensure that any watches he acquires are genuine and in perfect operating condition

This has allowed him to be very selective in acquiring significant and interesting watches for sale to his customers, as well as providing him with the resources to ensure that his watches are perfectly maintained and in mint condition for their new owners. His connections in the watch world ensure that he is in a position to acquire some truly magnificent watches, as well as being able to source specific pieces desired by his customers.

In addition to the fine watches he acquires and sells, Mauricio has also developed his own proprietary line of Tourbillon watches, and he produces customized timepieces, in very limited quantities, for his clients under the Pier & Lev Brand.